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David Williams was one of the first Westerners to study with Pattabhi Jois. The quote below is from a 2004 letter to yoga students in Oahu1. The sentiment he expresses is consistent with previous posts I’ve written on the subject of finding teachers and classes.

I am occasionally asked if someone is “good at yoga.” I quickly respond that the best Yogi is not the one who is most flexible, but the one who is most focused on what he or she is doing, the one most intensely doing the mulabandha and deep breathing … My goal is to convey the idea that the greatest Yogi is the one who enjoys his or her Yoga practice the most, not the one who can achieve the ultimate pretzel position. It is my belief … that in your practice of this moving meditation, what is really important, is what is invisible to the observer, what is within each of you.

Unfortunately the hyperlink to that letter is broken. I came across the above quote in this essay written by an Australian academic.


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