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  • How to Roll Your Pilates and Yoga Mats: Great advice on how to keep your mat clean, especially useful for yogis & yoginis who go to several studios.
  • Ermita: Beautiful images from Belgian photographer Sebastian Schutyser.

    The hermitages in these photographs were all chosen for their aura rather than their cultural-historical importance. Some of them are cracked open by time, but still remain hermetic and austere. The almost complete absence of windows gives the buildings a sepulchral quality which is often at odds with the open nature of the land. They seem both alien and organic at the same time. Others are overgrown with vegetation, retreating even more into their surroundings. They become a fusion between nature and the spiritual footprint of man. As they blend with the empty landscapes in which they stand, the original meaning of the word ermita emerges.

    Also see Sebastian’s album of images of Adobe Mosques in Mali.


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March 28, 2011 at 8:59 am

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