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Finding the right Yoga teacher

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Following up a recent post on the same topic, more advice from Max Strom (A Life Worth Breathing, page 134):

Try practicing with virtually every teacher in your area. You will find someone you resonate with — someone who will be just the right person to help you on your journey. A yoga teacher should be knowledgeable, kind, considerate, a great communicator, and show interest in your practice. Avoid yoga teachers who are vain and self-centered. If the teacher isn’t kind, move on. If they are not moral, move on. If they miss these two precepts, they are misunderstanding the purpose of yoga.

Also, you should avoid teachers who tend to literally push students deeper into poses with aggressive hands-on adjustments. Hands-on adjustments are very useful, but only when done gently and mindfully. More injuries are caused by the ego of the student, pushing themselves too far, and the ego of the teacher, pushing the students beyond their limits.


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January 19, 2011 at 8:02 am

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