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  • You Don’t Know Jack: This recent feature film on the life of Jack Kevorkian (starring Al Pacino), was a pleasant discovery. It’s a very good overview of Kevorkian’s role in the right-to-die movement during the 1990’s – plus Pacino is fantastic.
  • The Rise of the Tao:

    … RELIGION HAS LONG played a central role in Chinese life, but for much of the 20th century, reformers and revolutionaries saw it as a hindrance holding the country back and a key reason for China’s “century of humiliation.” Now, with three decades of prosperity under their belt — the first significant period of relative stability in more than a century — the Chinese are in the midst of a great awakening of religious belief. In cities, yuppies are turning to Christianity. Buddhism attracts the middle class, while Taoism has rebounded in small towns and the countryside. Islam is also on the rise, not only in troubled minority areas but also among tens of millions elsewhere in China.

  • Edendale Urban Farm
  • … A handful of urban farms have cropped up in the neighborhood in the last decade or so, including Silver Lake Farms. Kahn says he also knows of at least 15 families in the area who raise chickens in their backyards.

    Still, when Kahn first persuaded his friends Louise and Jozef Bilman to let him tear up the elegant lawn behind their white Southern Revival home and replace it with planting beds, some neighbors were skeptical. When he added chickens to the mix, one woman worried the entire block might catch avian flu.

    Five years later, the neighborhood has embraced the farm.

    Parents take their children here to feed the chickens their favorite treat: pink flowers from the bougainvillea vines that grow like weeds. Other neighbors bake Kahn quiche in exchange for eggs. The farm occasionally hosts cooking lessons and by-donation yoga classes, and Kahn dreams of building a stage for bands and community theater.

    For now, only the eggs are for sale. Most of the crops — which include carrots, mushrooms, passion fruit and sugar cane — go to feed the volunteers who help Kahn keep the operation running.

    The food is grown organically, without pesticides, and is irrigated with gray water from the laundry machine and shower.

  • Tastes of Japan: In the culinary world, Japan is the new France: up-and-coming chefs flock to Japan to study, rather than France or Italy. Audio below:


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November 15, 2010 at 7:44 am

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