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  • Bhagavan Das is Here Now: This classic article from the Jul/Aug 1998 Yoga Journal chronicles the spiritual journey of the man made famous in Ram Dass’ classic, Be Here Now. Unbeknownst to many current yoga and kirtan fans, after returning to India and doing the spiritual teacher circuit, Bhagavan Das went mainstream for a period of years. So much so, he was a car salesman and born-again Christian for years. At the time of the article, he had just published a book and had returned to Eastern Spirituality.
  • Golden States of Grace: Recently featured in the LA Times, this exhibit/book captures stories of spirituality in marginalized communities.

    A Los Angeles-based photographer who is drawn to marginalized communities, Nahmias found that all of these disparate Californians shared a sense of spirituality that infused and helped define their lives. As he spent time with them, he said he found “stories of dignity and stories of people going against the grain.”

  • The First Christians: I hadn’t heard of this remarkable 2004 PBS Frontline documentary until a few weeks ago. The first hour reminded me of a book (A Life of Jesus) by the late Japanese novelist Shusaku Endo. As always Frontline did a fantastic job of interweaving interviews with academics, with a lots of archeological footage.
  • The Tea Party has gotten more religious: This episode of Heart and Soul examines the relationship between America’s Religious right and the Tea Party movement. I’ve definitely noticed that many Tea Party endorsed candidates are conservative Christians. What may have started out us a Libertarian movement has increasingly gotten more religious.


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