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Why Karma Yoga?

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The July 1975 Yoga Journal (issue #3) contains an inspiring article on Karma Yoga, written by Judith Lasater:

First, all life is, by definition, in a state of action. … So action in the world is fundamental to life.

… The Karma yogin cannot change his circumstances, i.e., the need for his participation in action, but he can change his attitude about that action. Herein lies the core of the philosophy of Karma yoga. By surrendering into union with the Supreme, one becomes a conscious vehicle for the creation of life.

… The advantages of such a system are many. One is that the student is reminded that though there are acts being done, he is really not the actor. … If this is understood, then the aspirant is no longer attached to the fruits of his labor, whether they be good or bad fruits. His abilities are then increased, for he is not incapacitated by pride or failure, and his inner attunement harmonizes his actions with the unseen activities of others.

… Another advantage of the Karma yoga approach is its practicality. Any person, regardless of physical condition, mental acuity, occupation, station in life, or religion, can practice this yoga.

… Another advantage of this system is that it tends to extend the meditative experience into all aspects of life.

… Finally, Karma yoga serves as a crucible in which the selfish desires are purified. Whether they be gross or subtle, it is the self-centered desires which act as the cloak that separates us from the Universal.


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