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Yoga and Depression – Diagram from 1976

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From the May/Jun 1976 issue of the Yoga Journal, comes the following diagram

… that graphically displays the many complex variables that are responsible for depression. Clearly depicted are four feedback loops that sum algebraically to produce depression.

The presentation (i.e., design of the diagram) and science are outdated, but it does give a sense of the types of factors/variables people were considering 44 years ago. I especially love the part where they claim the 4 factors sum algebraically to produce depression!

yoga and depression circa 1976

Another article from the same issue (“Self-discovery and Hatha Yoga”) claimed that Hatha Yoga was on the verge of mainstream acceptance. Given that similar claims are being made even today, I think the author was a bit over enthusiastic.

During the past ten years, Hatha Yoga has been steadily influencing Western Society. Once ridiculed as an off-beat cult, Hatha Yoga now enjoys recognition and acceptance by even the most traditional middle-class journals and magazines.


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