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The Gita on Surrendering to your Dharma

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Central to the Gita is Krishna urging Arjuna to let go of his previous “models” and duties, and to go to battle to fulfill his dharma1. It’s a huge dilemma for Arjuna, because going to battle will entail fighting his family and friends. From Living the Bhagavad Gita (pp. 52-54).

Whatever karma it is that brought you to this point, it’s now your dharma to work with it.

… Let go of your models and do your dharma. Play out the role that has been assigned to you, because when you do that, you’ve totally surrendered to your dharma, when you’re no longer trying for anything, that’s your way through.

… And as we listen, we’ll hear our dharma more and more clearly, and so we’ll begin tuning more and more of our act to that place of deeper wisdom. As that happens, all our fascination with our roles and our plans and our desires and our melodramas will begin to fall away. More and more, we’ll open ourselves to just being the instrument of the dharma. And then we’ll discover that we’ve lost our lives – and found them.

(1) Ram Dass defines dharma as: “The basis of all universal order, social and moral. Conformity to natural righteousness or spiritual duty.”


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