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Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries

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[Seva Series: Profiles of seekers dedicated to the service of others.]

Founded by Jesuit Priest Greg Boyle, Homeboy Industries (HI) has been serving (ex) gang members and the youth of East L.A. since 1992. HI has been in financial trouble lately, and while things are beginning to look up, they are still in need of contributions.

Father Greg (or “Father G” as homies call him) has had a lifelong commitment to living the Gospels through social justice. (Father G is a true Karma Yogi!) From his early days as a priest in Bolivia, through his work as a peace negotiator during the gang wars of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and now through the employment opportunities and other programs of HI, Father G has worked tirelessly for the people in the barrios of East L.A.

For more on Father G and his work, follow the links below. And if you can, donate to Homeboy Industries!

  • Tattoo Removal: One of HI’s most popular services, they own and operate (through volunteer doctors) the equipment used for their on-site service.

    Tattoo removal is a critical positive step in a long and challenging journey out of gang life and into positive social integration. Homeboy offers free tattoo removal on site. Ya’Stuvo means “that’s enough, I’m done with that”. Tattoo removal is often the first and most urgent treatment accessed in a continuum of case-managed economic development, health and social services offered through Homeboy Industries. In spite of the fact that tattoo removal by laser is known to be painful and takes an average of eight to ten treatments per tattoo, and in some cases up to 1 year to complete, patient retention is virtually 100%.

  • Tattoos on the Heart (The Power of Boundless Compassion): Father G’s recent book is full of funny and inspiring stories. By far the best introduction to the history and mission of Homeboy Industries.
  • Greg Boyle on Fresh Air: In this recent interview by Teri Gross, Father G gave an update on the current financial state of HI (at the time of the interview, not-so-good) and his health (cancer has been beaten back for now). Audio below:

  • Tavis Smiley interviews Father G
  • Homeboy Industries Trains Ex-Cons for Brighter Prospects:

    In the race to train America’s “green-collar” work force, a group composed mostly of former Los Angeles gang members on parole is an early participant. Their training is funded by Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles nonprofit that helps people with criminal pasts find employment.


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