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Bo Lozoff on the Spiritual Search and Interrupted Bliss

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From “We’re All Doing Time” (p. 29):

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the spiritual “search” that we lose sight of the fact that it’s an inner journey. Our greatest discoveries are gained simply by learning how to be still. That’s all meditation is when you get right down to it: Sitting perfectly still – Silence of body, silence of speech, and silence of mind. The Buddha calls this “The Noble Silence.” It’s just a matter of STOPPING.

Bo Lozoff is the co-founder (along with with Ram Dass) of the Prison Ashram Project and the Human Kindness Foundation, non-profits that have active programs in many areas including prison reform, social justice, and clean energy. Far from being isolated and withdrawn from the world’s problems, Bo has has had a long-term commitment to social justice, particularly prison and criminal justice issues. Along with service, members of the Human Kindness Foundation are committed to living “… a simple lifestyle and a personal spiritual practice”.

In the videos below, Bo describes how his work with prisoners continues to shape his views on spirituality. An activist whose actions are grounded in a strong spiritual practice, the world could use more people like Bo.

[Update (10/29/2010): At a gathering tonight, a friend who has known Bo and his wife for many years mentioned that there have been disturbing allegations about Bo (abuse of power, inappropriate sexual behavior). My friend said that after a year away from his community, Bo is back in North Carolina and his wife continues to stand by him. Like other supporters, my friend still supports Bo’s work with prisoners, but is disturbed by the allegations. I for one get a bit wary of organizations when a hierarchy emerges and decisions are made by a guru. Groups should regularly revisit their organizational structure as a safeguard against the centralization of authority.]


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October 7, 2010 at 7:04 am

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  1. […] and punishment. So it’s easy to forget that many effective rehabilitation programs exist (Bo Lozoff’s Prison Ashram Project is another great program). Women facing a return to state prison for nonviolent felonies plead […]

    Malas « Virtual Satsang

    November 8, 2010 at 8:25 am

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