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  • Developing a meditation practice: Zen teacher Zoketsu Norman Fischer writes “… When people ask me how to get a home meditation practice started, here is what I tell them: the practice begins the night before. Before you go to sleep, set the alarm for half an hour earlier than usual … This little exercise may sound silly but it is very important. It addresses the main difficulty we have with self discipline: we are ambivalent. … Try this for two weeks, taking a day or so off each week. If you miss a day, that’s OK. … Many people ask, “Is it necessary to do this in the morning? Is there some magic to the morning? I am not a morning person.” Yes, I think there is magic to the morning. Monastic schedules the world over include early morning practice. Practice seems most beneficial at that time of day, when your psyche is in a liminal state and the world around you has not quite awakened. Also, you are more likely to do it in the morning, before your day gets engaged and you remember all the things you need to do.”
  • Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health and Life:  Author  and physician Linda Clever talks about her new book and along the way recommends a listener read Ram Dass’ Be Here Now“Our lives demand too much of us; when everything is a priority, this can make us sick and tired. Dr. Clever discovered the personal cost of this lifestyle and has since devoted herself to helping people renew themselves and regain balance in life. … Filled with easy self-assessments, informational charts, and sound advice from a physician who healed herself, this book will help you avoid illness, reset priorities, and most importantly, regain your health and happiness.”
  • Walking Meditation as a 10-Minute Willpower Boost: “A 2009 study by researchers at the University of Exeter, UK, found that walking for 15 minutes decreased cravings among smokers, and a 2010 study at the University of Virginia study found that two weeks of regular exercise induced brain changes that suppressed cravings, and reduced drug-seeking behavior, in cocaine-addicted rats.”
  • Meditation Room at the U.N. Headquarters:  Bet you didn’t know that there was a meditation room at the U.N. Neither did I, until last week. Created under the direction and vision of the late Dag Hammarskjöld (whom JFK referred to as the “the greatest statesman of our century”), I only hope that the visiting dignitaries make it a point to use this “… place dedicated to silence”,  before they pass resolutions that affect the planet.

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  1. […] an earlier post I linked to some good tips from Zoketsu Norman Fischer on how to develop a regular meditation […]

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