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  • Mindfulness, Technology and Social Media: A recent Dharma talk by Mark Coleman, author of Awake in the Wild.

  • Dharma and Technology:

    Relates the Buddhist teachings to our use of modern communication technology such as emails, texting, cell phones, etc.

  • Buddhism’s “Singing Nun”: An NPR interview with and a video of Ani Choying Drolma.

    Download: 20110313_wesun_10.mp3?dl=1

  • Continuous partial attention:

    … To pay continuous partial attention is to pay partial attention — CONTINUOUSLY. It is motivated by a desire to be a LIVE node on the network. Another way of saying this is that we want to connect and be connected. We want to effectively scan for opportunity and optimize for the best opportunities, activities, and contacts, in any given moment. To be busy, to be connected, is to be alive, to be recognized, and to matter.

    We pay continuous partial attention in an effort NOT TO MISS ANYTHING. It is an always-on, anywhere, anytime, any place behavior that involves an artificial sense of constant crisis. We are always in high alert when we pay continuous partial attention. This artificial sense of constant crisis is more typical of continuous partial attention than it is of multi-tasking.

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Written by virtualsatsang

March 21, 2011 at 7:48 am

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